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The Team

We are a fast growing, independently owned business with clients all over South Africa and the world.

Kim Frost started Bespoke Financial Services in 2001. In addition to being a profitable, sustainable business, Bespoke is a business that our team can feel proud of. We aim to be an entity that not only creates value for our clients but also for our staff. We strive to be one of the key drivers for positive change in the financial services industry.


We believe that what our clients want from us is peace of mind and, in an ever-changing world, circumstances are transforming all the time. We work hard to ensure continuity and stability through our sound advisor-client relationships.

DSC_0841sq KF.jpg

Kim Frost

Certified Financial Planner®

RLP®, CFP®, Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning

General Tax Practitioner (SA)™

Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Estate and Trust Administration

With 20 years in the investment industry and a desire to be involved in it since she can remember, Kim’s passion for her clients and her business are plainly obvious. She is fortunate to be doing what she loves and to be helping people in the process.


She will, however, be the first to confess that her clients have taught her invaluable lessons over the years. Through her management of deceased estates, Kim says one of the constant sentiments shared by families are their memories of their loved ones and the places they travelled to – not their material possessions. Kim has taken this particular lesson to heart by going on frequent trips with her husband and two sons.


The word ‘bespoke’ means tailor-made: a service large organisations cannot consistently offer their clients. Because Bespoke Financial Services is truly independent, Kim has the ability to treat her clients as individuals, while aligning their investment strategies and goals.


She says she regularly pulls apart her investment portfolios and looks at them as if another advisor had recommended them, analysing every investment decision and looking for where performance can be improved. Because she does this for every client she has – something that is rare even with independent financial advisors – Kim has retained most of the clients she signed when she started out. And while some have passed away over time, she knows she has succeeded in her function as a financial planner when she says, “They ran out of breath before they ran out of money. That is something that is very important to me.”


Dedicated to constant learning, Kim has completed the Graduate Programme in Advanced Taxation from the University of Pretoria, as well as the Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Estate and Trust Administration. She is a registered tax practitioner and a member of the SA Institute of Tax Professionals and FISA. She is also a Registered Life Planner with the Kinder Institute; she is trained to first discover a client’s most essential goals in life before formulating a financial plan, so a client’s finances fully support those goals.

Jill B&W.jpg

Jill McCallum

Practice Manager

RE1 Certification
  • General enquiries

  • Wills

  • Trusts

  • Minutes

  • Compliance administration

Jill joined Bespoke as the practice manager in 2014, having worked on compliance documents for Kim on a freelance basis. With 25 years of administrative experience gained working in a variety of industries around the world, Jill was eager to enter the finance sector.


“The structure of Bespoke is so conducive to excellence and the ethos of personal growth and achievement,” she commented, “that one is inspired, daily.”

DSC_0652srq-1 SC.jpg

B. Comm Finance

B. Comm (Hons) Financial Management

RE5​ Certification

  • New client meetings

  • Wealth management reports

  • Estate planning reports

  • Estate administration

  • Financial planning

Sia spent the first four months of her life in Russia before moving to Zimbabwe. She had dreams of becoming a lawyer until a friend inspired her to pursue banking instead. Sia came to South Africa and completed her undergraduate and honours degrees in finance at the University of Johannesburg. She has been working at Bespoke since 2013.


“Every day when I come to work, I know more than I knew yesterday,” Sia commented. “I love learning new things, but I also enjoy the confidence I get from knowing my job better and better.”


She has completed her RE1 and RE5 Certification and the coveted Certified Financial Planning® qualification. Looking ahead, Sia aspires to be an established financial planner in the near future.

Sia Chimbganda

Certified Financial Planner®

DSC_0496sq ND.jpg

Nonhlanhla Dhladhla

Estate Manager

B. Comm Finance

B. Comm (Hons) Financial Planning

RE5 Certification

  • Additional investments

  • Wealth management reports

  • Retirement reports

  • Liquidation and Distribution Accounts

  • Estate administration

Nonhlanhla joined Bespoke in 2018 as an intern, as part of the ASISA IFA Internship Programme. Born in 1994, she grew up in Soweto. She has a B. Comm Finance degree from the University of Johannesburg. She passed the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment exam in 2017.


“My goal is to make a positive contribution to the role played by good financial advice and planning in our communities, and I believe that I am in the right place to achieve that goal,” Nonhlanhla commented.

DSC_0625sq KT.jpg

I completed my BComm Investment Management and Banking degree at the University of the Free State. I then completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning with the same institution.

My goal is to make is to become impactful by tackling some of the economic challenges facing the South African working class that are due to lack of financial literacy. I am confident that I am well on my way there, as I am currently learning and growing my skills in the financial services industry with the amazing opportunity presented at Bespoke.

BComm Investment Management and Banking

Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning

  • New client meetings

  • Wealth management reports

  • Estate planning reports

  • Portfolio valuations

Kholu Thamae

Portfolio Manager

Representative under Supervision

RE5 Certification
  • File audits

  • Tax administration

  • Fundhouse mandates

  • Office administration

Allie was raised by her grandmother in Zimbabwe while her parents pursued careers in South Africa and after completing school, she joined them. Allie’s mother had worked with Kim and so their paths crossed many times over the years. Allie started working for the same company as her mother and as Bespoke grew, Kim realised she needed an additional administrator and recruited Allie to join her in 2014.


Allie has her RE5 Certification and has completed a course in personal income tax for financial planning.


“I still have lots to learn,” she laughs, “so I will be here for a long time. I am learning so much!”

Allie Ncube

Tax Administrator


Fiona Marais

Investment Schedule Manager

  • Portfolio valuations

  • XPlan administration

  • Office administration

Fiona is based in Cape Town, where she manages the portfolio schedules, and assists with portfolio valuations and administration. She has a long history in office administration. She then ventured into the Import and Export business in Angola.  After returning to South Africa, she continued applying her administrative expertise for a very busy doctor’s practice in Simon’s Town.


Fiona joined Bespoke in March 2022 and is an integral part of the team.

DSC_0564sv KS.jpg

Kerry joined Bespoke in March 2022 with a view to shifting her passion for responsible water use in the mining industry, to researching companies that align with sustainable investing.


She plans to research companies to determine their environmental, social and governance practices (ESG), as well as looking into companies that have projects or programmes designed to benefit society. By identifying socially responsible companies, investors can choose to have a positive impact on social or environmental issues i.e. impact investing.

Kerry completed her BSc (Hons) in Microbiology at UCT and went on to complete her MSc in Biochemistry at the University of Natal. She worked in the mining industry for 30 years, mainly concentrating on projects that would have a positive impact on the environment such as soil decontamination using plants endemic to South Africa, and many projects involving water, to ensure more responsible usage of a resource more important than the commodity itself.

“Bespoke is the most ethical company that I have ever been involved with and I hope to be able to add value to a truly remarkable team”.      

BSc (Hons) Microbiology

MSc Biochemistry

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Training

  • Compliance

  • Portfolios

  • Work flows

  • Systems Management

  • Charts

Kerry Christie


DSC_0152-2q DN.jpg

Derick Ndima

Office Administrator and Driver

  • Office administration

  • Deliveries

  • Flower arranging

Derick’s former experience as a chef comes in handy, with his extensive family! After the restaurant and catering industry, Derick moved to a florist where he quickly gained additional skills. Kim was one of his clients and, appreciating his friendly professionalism, she recruited him in 2014.


Derick arranges all the office flowers, prepares clients' bouquets and fulfils all Bespoke’s delivery needs. He has acquired computing and office administration skills and ably assists with these tasks.


“I want to master the computer,” he says, “and know all the admin functions of Bespoke.”

Our phenomenal support team!

We are immensely grateful to our support team for keeping Bespoke well-maintained.

DSC_0355-2q1 CN.jpg

Collin Ndlovu

DSC_0286-2q MM.jpg

Mandisa Mtshizana

DSC_0263-2q NT.jpg

Noxolo Thwani

DSC_0412s FS square.jpg

Fumani Sibanda

Green Succulent Plant
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