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Bespoke subscribes to the principles laid out in the FAIS Act and continuously verifies that all our policies and procedures comply with the FAIS General Code of Conduct and the FPI Code of Conduct. In addition, we strive to protect our clients against mismanagement and financial loss due to negligence or misrepresentation.


Bespoke staff undergo ongoing training to remain up-to-date with all current and proposed legislation. We also continuously improve our policies and procedures to ensure that our client's interests are our primary concern.



We have a Conflict of Interest Policy to ensure that we place our client's needs ahead of our own. Our commitment to ethical and fair treatment of clients is entrenched in the Bespoke culture and is enforced by company policy.



We take all client feedback very seriously, whether positive or negative. If, for any reason, a client is dissatisfied with the advice and services provided by Bespoke, our Complaints Procedure is followed. Clients may request to view our procedure document. If we do not attend to a client's complaint to the client's satisfaction within six weeks of the original notification, clients may contact the FAIS Ombud.

Our compliance with legislation is also externally monitored by Compliance Consulting.


Compliance Officer

Financial Services Compliance CC

t/a Compliance Consulting

FSB Reg. No: CO 325


Compliance Officer: Greta Maritz

Telephone number: (082) 901-4269

E-mail address:


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