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Our Investment Philosophy

We focus our clients’ investments using the proven strategy of structured asset allocation
and fund manager diversification, with the latter based on carefully selected assets.
The primary objective is the performance of the entire portfolio, not that of any single
asset. We will not make investments based on trading tips or ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes.


Our independence ensures that our clients’ wealth is placed in the products of the
most appropriate companies. Both our clients and service providers recognise this
independence as being an essential component of our holistic value offering. All fees
or commissions earned are fully disclosed and agreed to upfront.

“Kim Frost has more than successfully managed my retirement funds for the past nine and a half years. She is well organised, reliable and very pleasant to deal with, and knows the very latest happenings in the market place. We meet regularly to discuss portfolio performance and changes. Her integrity is unquestionable. She genuinely has my best interests at heart and her fees are very reasonable.”
Ed Brown, 5 August 2020
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