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Overcoming dualistic thinking

We all fall into the trap of dualistic thinking, where we assume that the universe consists of only two opposing, mutually exclusive options or realities. This type of thinking is either/or, good/bad, negative/positive, and has a significant impact on our beliefs and behaviours. However, true success and fulfilment in both our personal and professional lives often lie beyond this limiting mindset.

At Bespoke Financial Services, we believe that dualistic thinking can impede our development and hinder our ability to reach our full potential. When we confine ourselves to an either/or mentality, we create false restrictions and limit our perceived choices. This can lead to feelings of being trapped, powerless, or emotionally reactive in situations where our options appear to be limited. So, we try hard to always be on the lookout for this kind of thinking.

When we are able to recognise and break free from this binary way of thinking, we open ourselves up to a world of possibilities and opportunities for growth.

One area where dualistic thinking can have a particularly detrimental effect is in our financial decision-making. For example, the "snake bite" effect occurs when an investor has a negative experience with an investment, causing them to become overly cautious in future investment decisions and potentially lowering their return potential. This psychological bias stems from the fear of regret and the feeling that we have made a decision that is inherently "wrong."

To counter this effect and make more objective, rational decisions, it's important to adopt a strategy that closely adheres to predetermined investing criteria and minimises discretionary decision-making. By using rules-based trading techniques, investors can reduce the likelihood of making choices based on past successes or failures and instead focus on a consistent, well-defined approach.

However, the impact of dualistic thinking extends far beyond our financial lives. When we view the world in terms of "good" and "bad," we create unrealistic expectations and fail to account for the nuanced outcomes that often result from our actions. Every decision we make has implications, some of which may be unexpected or contain elements that we both appreciate and dislike. By recognising that it's impractical to expect our actions to have only two possible outcomes, we can strive to find a third, more balanced perspective that takes into account our unique circumstances and goals.

Ultimately, overcoming dualistic thinking is a pivotal step to growing in our approach and experience of life. By critically assessing our assumptions, embracing nuance and complexity, and seeking out alternative perspectives, we can make more informed, thoughtful decisions that align with our long-term objectives. Whether in our personal relationships, professional endeavours, or financial planning, breaking free from the confines of either/or thinking allows us to approach challenges with greater flexibility, resilience, and creativity.

Remember, personal and professional growth is not about choosing between two opposing options, but rather about finding the path that best serves your unique needs and aspirations. By embracing a more holistic, open-minded approach to decision-making, you can tap into the wealth of possibilities that sit just beyond the limitations of dualistic thinking.

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For personalised strategies to overcome dualistic thinking and make more empowered, fulfilling choices, reach out to us. Together, we can help you break free from limiting beliefs and create a roadmap for success that supports your overall happiness and well-being.

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