“Money is good for nothing unless you know the value of it by experience” – P.T Barnum


As I have advanced in years, I have come to understand that money means different things to different people. Few of us are born to wealth or have experienced instant financial stability by winning the lottery.  For most of us, having enough money at retirement, is the fruit of a lifetime of labour, and prudent planning from a young age. Finally (and hopefully) we arrive at retirement age, and we find that we have “enough’ to live comfortably and enjoy the years that are left to us. It is at this point our differing perceptions about money emerge.


Some see money as having power.  What a pleasure it is to simply have the power to “throw some money at a problem” and make it disappear!  Others see having money as security, but in a fearful way, and are afraid to enjoy the fruits of their labour, refusing to spend for pleasure. For some, a comfortable nest egg brings no contentment. The more they have, the more they want, and so continue striving throughout their retirement to fill an imaginary vacuum in their funds. Others have a more balanced view, and take pleasure in spending their money on the things that bring them joy and happiness, but all within reasonable limits!


I believe that one of the most important aspects of a successful financial adviser is that the individual attitude to money of each client is understood, and that their portfolio is structured around that perception. Once a client is sure that the financial adviser “understands” their needs, an element of trust grows between adviser and client. This trust is vital in creating the ideal platform for the adviser to do the best for each client.


I know that in Kim, we have just such an adviser.  Kim takes time to know her clients, and to understand how they feel about their retirement funds. She is therefore aware of how they expect to live out their retirement years and is honest enough to advise clients when their future expectations will exceed their funds, all the time offering reasonable alternatives.   


Not only is Kim Frost one of the most successful financial advisers in South Africa, but there is a side to her that is kind, caring and compassionate. Her business knowledge, skills and ethics are beyond reproach, and we feel extremely privileged to have her taking care of our funds. We have total peace of mind that Kim has our best interests at heart, and this has been borne out by the brilliant results she has achieved for us over the past 12 years. Her quarterly portfolio valuations arrive dead on time and are a source of great satisfaction.  Our lives are richer for our association with Kim Frost and Bespoke Financial Services.


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