We count ourselves as being among Kim Frost’s earliest clients, having been with her for more than 15 years, since the beginning of the 2000s. First as “Spring” and now as Bespoke Financial Services, Kim has advised and helped us in managing and growing our individual retirement funding in such a way that we now believe we fall into the small percentage of fortunate people who are able to enjoy their retirement with minimal financial concerns. In the light of almost weekly media accounts of the many disastrous investments imposed on people by unqualified and unscrupulous “advisers”, we recognise how lucky we are to have met Kim at a time when we were each retiring from academic life with little knowledge of the possibilities that might exist beyond standard investment policies offered by the brokers of that earlier, much less protected era.


Through many years, as our own personal circumstances have changed, we have shared our concerns and plans with Kim and she has given us the benefits of her continually expanding network of investment opportunities (which included in particular Allan Gray and Coronation before these became household names on cinema screens) and her personal professional development in the broadest areas of financial planning. Regular meetings, initiated either by her or by us, ensure that any concerns or changes in direction we may have in mind are addressed by her with respect and with the most focused, personalised professionalism. In turn she shares with us her reasoned advice regarding changes she believes we might make to optimise our investments and our lives generally. It is in the investment portfolios managed by Kim for us both that the extraordinary power of the “the eighth wonder of the world” – i.e. compound interest – can be seen in action over the past decade of our lives.


Although we have come to value these meetings as much more than mere planning discussions, Kim never loses sight of her ethical responsibilities to her clients, and insists on the required formalities, information and documentation at every new point of departure, never taking her personal knowledge of our lives for granted, while nevertheless also offering her informal suggestions, insights and support for better managing our affairs, both financial and personal. As information professionals ourselves, we have always appreciated the information back-up Kim and her colleagues provide in newsletters, reports, once-off documents and investment presentations. We have referred the complex personal affairs of family members to her and, with the utmost professional confidentiality in place, we have been made aware of the positive changes she has achieved and thus relieved us of personal anxiety. She has assisted us in drawing updated wills that take into account  our changing personal as well as financial circumstances, and we have entrusted to her our wider personal details and connections with complete confidence.  


Over the years we have been aware of the growth of Bespoke FS, and the back-up mechanisms in place. Since both of us have been involved in training and development of staff in our own professional lives, we discuss with great interest the way in which Kim has expanded and developed the skills of her young team, while insisting on the highest professional and work-ethic standards. We find we share many values and this makes our dealings with her much more than a mere financial exercise. In conclusion we believe that without our association with Bespoke FS and with Kim, our lives in retirement would be much the poorer, in every sense. We look forward to many more productive years of this warm professional relationship with Kim and with Bespoke Financial Services.


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